Max Professional 3043 Citrus Power Remover - 5 oz.

$9.95 $7.95

  • Removes dried latex paint drips and spatters
  • Marker ink sticker residue scuff marks pen gum crayon
  • Ensures safety cleaning
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Product Description

Max Professional Citrus Power Remover 5oz. Safely remove sticky stuff from almost every surface! All purpose cleaners are fine for general cleaning, but for gum, tar, and glue, you need Max Professional Citrus Power Remover. Nothing works as well on so many surfaces. Use Max Professional Citrus Power Remover to remove ink, gum, tar, oil, crayon, scuff marks, marker, and adhesives from metals, wood, glass, vinyl, and plastics! Use it to remove latex paint drips from floors and crayon from countertops. Clean sticky spots on carpet. Max Professional Citrus Power Remover is a natural citrus solvent that penetrates and removes sticky substances without damaging the treated surfaces. Many intense cleaners are dangerous to plastics - not Max Professional Citrus Power Remover! Use it with confidence on plastics, including computers, keyboards, printers, televisions, and copiers. Remove manufacturer sticker residues without a trace. On your vehicle, Max Professional Citrus Power Remover can be used as a bug and tar remover. Use it on polypropylene trim, metals, vinyl, carpets, glass, and vinyl. Max Professional Citrus Power Remover removes stubborn, sticky substances safely