LEPA V17 17" Notebook/Laptop slim Cooling Pad w/ 140mm Blue LED Fan LPCP001

$39.95 $34.95

  • Cooler
  • Black
  • 140 x 140 x 18 mm
  • Product Description

    LEPA stays true to its roots and presents a quality product with excellent performance capability. The integrated 14 cm fan offers a wide speed range with 800 to 1,300 RPM. Users can adjust the speed setting seamlessly and well-balance the cooling performance and noise generation. The mesh surface of the cooling pad enhances the air circulation and ensures an efficient notebook cooling.
  • Efficient and effective cooling is essential for a computer's stability and reliability. The ultra-slim LEPA V17 cooling pad accommodates a notebook of up to 17”. The large 140mm blue LED fan, plus wide-area metal mesh, produces a sufficient airflow to effectively dispel the heat. The unique TPA (Tri-Position Adjustable) foot stand offers the maximum typing comfort, while the extra rubber anti-slip pads let you lift up your laptop without any sliding. In addition, the built-in blue LED will shine through the center mental mesh to create a striking look. Enjoy eye-catching fun while computing or gaming!